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Services - Load test and performance analysis

Load testing and performance analysis of SAP systems

End users' satisfaction with SAP systems results largely from their experience with the response time behaviour of the system. There is nothing worse than time wasted by waiting in front of the screen. Optimisation of the system performance is important, therefore, when implementing a SAP system.

Last-test An analysis of individual processes of individual users can identify problems and show potentials for optimisation. A load test with simultaneous execution of processes of several users can then simulate real-life situations.

Together with your key users we can choose performance-critical processes relevant for a load test as well as the required test data and customizing settings. The activities of the users to be simulated are saved in test scripts.

The load test in SAP system topographies can be simulated by means of a tool developed by devlogix. The factsheet provided will give you an idea of the application possibilities and functionality of that tool.

The tool makes it possible to simulate realistically user activities on SAP GUI for Windows and the activation of SAP RFC.

The activities of the simulated users are recorded and the SAP systems are controlled by SAP CCMS. An evaluation of all these data shows the performance of your systems under load. The necessary adaptations of the system configuration can be derived and tested in the next test run.

For those clients who are already using test tools from HP/Mercury Interactive, we also offer the services for the test runs based on LoadRunner.

...what we can offer you

last test

dot Test preparation
  • Planning of a load test project
  • Employing our devlogix load test software in your project
  • Analysis and choice of performance-critical business procedures and the necessary test data for multiple simultaneous execution
  • Generation of test scripts
  • Generation of test data
  • Efficient provision of necessary system requirements, e.g., required user accounts, and installation of the load test software to be employed
dot Load test runs
  • Configuration of the test runs for the repetitive increase of simultaneous users
  • Carrying out repeated test runs to optimise the SAP systems step by step
  • Carrying out load test runs in heterogeneous systems
dot Analysis
  • Analysing the response time of individual business processes and other data indicative of the SAP monitoring architecture
  • Analysing overload situations of SAP systems
  • Preparation of a report on the results with emphasis on system-specific potential for optimisation