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Produkte - devlogix Test Scheduler für SAP Systeme

devlogix Test Scheduler for SAP Systems

devlogix Test Scheduler allows you to schedule and run test packages of automated test cases (eCATT) in SAP Test Organizer or SAP Solution Manager.

devlogix Test Scheduler With devlogix Test Scheduler, you can start automated SAP eCATT test cases within an SAP system. devlogix Test Scheduler enables you to combine and schedule several test packages of the SAP system in one job for automated, time-shifted execution.

This, for instance, provides you with the possibility to schedule and run your eCATT test cases, with a mass start at night – no matter if your eCATT test cases are running backend tests or user interface tests.

devlogix Test Scheduler logs each run in a log file which provides task data, including detailed information on error reports from your eCATT test runs.

Program Features

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 -    Test package management and scheduling

  • Combine several test packages in a sequence to run them in one single job
  • Define start times and start conditions (dependencies and delays between the individual job steps) for each test package within a job
  • Tip: You can select and deselect the integration of eCATT information for each test package

 -    Test execution
  • Schedule a job execution at specified times
  • Log on to the SAP system to centralize your test administration
  • A progress bar keeps you informed during the running process

 -    Test Analysis
  • An application log captures all start times of the executed test packages
  • The test result output includes test reports for each eCATT test case
  • It is possible to jump from Test Scheduler to each corresponding eCATT log


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